Drafting concession documents

We will prepare a complete concession tender documentation.

We will prepare a complete concession tender documentation including the feasibility study for the issuance of concessions, concession award analysis and the economic justification study the content of which is defined by the tender documentation.

A concession is the right granted by a contract. Concessions are issued by public authorities and legal persons competent for the issuance of concessions.

The concession justification study shall be drawn up by the concession grantor and it shall in particular take into account the public interest, environmental impact, protection of the environment and cultural goods, financial impacts of the concession on the state budget and the budgets of local and regional self-government units as well as the adherence with the economic development plans and plans for concession award.

The concession award analysis has to include the fundamental elements of the concession justification study so that the concession award procedure might be carried out in accordance with the principles of the concession award procedure set forth in the Concessions Act.

After the concession grantor publishes the tender or the Notice of intention to grant a concession licence, the interested economic entity can submit its offer.

We will prepare the offer for economic entities participating in a concession award tender, as well as a feasibility study, which is an important part of the tender documentation.

Preparation of a concession bid
Preparation of a feasibility study
Assistance in implementation and reporting
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At Moneo, we focus on in-house training programmes in order to tackle new challenges and provide our clients with the best advice and top service.

There are many success stories of our long-term clients who have, with our help, improved all of their business segments, increased the number of employees and thus contributed to the development of their immediate and wider community.

“Your constant efforts to make the client’s interest your no.1 priority and putting the client first is what we as a company have found extremely valuable during our collaboration.

You have handled our every request and need in a fast and precise manner, and it is precisely your excellence what gives us safety and optimism even in the most challenging of situations.  You are always one step ahead of the next challenge and anticipate every possible outcome of the situation on time.

Thank you for your constant kindness and for always making us feel welcome!

Moneo is the partner that every company in Croatia needs if it wants to develop and grow.”

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“Thank you for the time and efforts you put towards the realisation of our project! The professionalism and love towards your work, a positive vibe and extensive knowledge is what makes you stand out. You have set the bar high and put enormous efforts into project success as if the money were yours. All those involved in the project have put their knowledge to use in the best possible manner and not a single part of the project was taken for granted.

When working with you, we always place unconditional trust in you and we always feel welcome.  This is the most important thing for us.

Now, in the project implementation, you are monitoring and motivating us to complete everything on time and in a quality manner.”

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S+B Systemtechnik d.o.o.
Manufacturing Sector

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Since the beginning, our core priorities have remained constant. We want to help companies increase their ROI, accelerate their business growth, ensure a successful business future and gain lasting competitiveness in the industry.

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    Since the beginning, our core priorities have remained constant. We want to help companies increase their ROI, accelerate their business growth, ensure a successful business future and gain lasting competitiveness in the industry.

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